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Frequent Questions 

What does a day look like in my child's classroom? 

* Students are greeted at the door with a smile by a pod teacher that is assigned to the classroom.  Students have a specific spot to hang up their backpacks that are labeled with their names.  At the entrance to the classroom, they will work on name recognition and fine motor skills by finding their names and writing their individual names 3-4 times "checks" them into class.  They will gain independence by wiping their names off with a rag and placing it in the "name bucket". 


* Students will then have 20 min of free play with their teacher where the focus is on social and emotional skills.  During this time, there will be structured and unstructured play. 


* Class circle time will follow for approx. 15-25 min where teachers introduce the theme, letter, number, and class activities for the day.  Students have a variety of ways to participate with songs, the fun book reads, homework, show-n-tell, and pet adventures. 


* Instructional time amounts for the remaining class time.  Teachers will work with their students individually and collaboratively.   Individualized instruction takes place in these small pod groups.


* End of the day includes singing, literature, review of the day and other fun activities!

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