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Level Up Learning Tutoring 

As a result of the most recent pandemic, Covid-19, 17-33% of test scores throughout the state of Utah have dropped. Students in grades K-6th have been struggling to meet the state's benchmark goals, leaving parents and teachers in a bind. Level Up Learning has been able to assist students academically, building their confidence in and out of a classroom setting, making them ready for success as they advance throughout the school year. Our students have had a 300% increase academically after working with hand picked tutors.

We are excited to have you here to start your Level Up journey!


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2023-24 School Year Q&A!

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  • Does your student have more then one subject they need help with?

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Meet Our Team!

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Raegan Rogers

Level Up Business Owner and Tutor

Hello, Miss Raegan here! I have had over five years of experience inside of the classroom before starting my Level Up journey and have now dedicated my time to my students!

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Ella McCrary

Academic Specialist | Head Tutor | Reading

Hello, my name is Ella! I enjoy being outside or with family and friends! I love getting to know each of my students and finding ways to help them learn/grow!


Ashlie Ceverling

Head Tutor | Math and Reading

Hello, my name is Ashlie! I am passionate about childcare and education.  You can find me listening to music and on campus as WSU where I'm currently pursuing a degree in Social Work!


Talysa Brimley

Substitute Tutor

Hello, I'm a mom of three who loves teaching high fitness, eating chocolate, and reading!  I have my bachelor's degree in English Secondary Eduction with Speech Communication as my minor.

Children Reading the Holy Bible
"I believe early intervention is the best way we can help our kids succeed in life.  Being able to have tutors such as Raegan and Ella is the way to go.  they truly look out of the best interest of your child, give process updates and things you can do at home with your children to help their progress increase."

Malina Havranek

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