Our Curriculum


Play-based curriculum in Spanish

Children are engaged in an atmosphere of play. The learning environment is similar to a birthday party: the children learn without ever really thinking that they are being taught Spanish.

In a day at Smartypants, children will rotate through 25-30 minute hands-on language-rich activities in centers taught in a language introductions setting. Children will prepare and eat a snack in Kitchen activities, play “cat and mouse” in Games activities, build a toy catapult in Shop activities, make a piñata in Art activities, play kickball in Gym activities, and act out Jack and the Beanstalk in Drama. Each activity center provides a different setting needed for children to learn a wide variety of vocabulary and grammar through practice without even being aware that they are learning it. There are no language exercises, memorization drills, worksheets, or dialogues. 

Beyond Spanish Immersion

  • Small group sizes. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 9 children in beginning levels so that each child can receive individual attention necessary to practice skills throughout the day’s activities.

  • Trained teachers. Trained teachers model the language that children need to say throughout each activity so the children are able to start practicing Spanish from the very first day.

  • Research based. Our language system uses Basic Mobilizing Concepts identified through years of research that speed up the language-learning process that quickly gives children speaking proficiency in areas of communication most important to the child. 

  • Fun activities. Because this is an intro to Spanish, activities are fun and interesting enough to keep the children’s attention.  At Smartypants preschool we have hundreds of hands-on activities and a method for optimizing those activities for language-learning for young children.