WE ARE Smarty Pants!
#1 Recommended Preschool by local teachers!

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*Why Smarty Pants?

We are the BEST at what we do in our classroom.   Its' not WHAT we teach its HOW we teach.  Each of our students has a tailored curriculum just for THEM!  Our staff is licensed/certified, highly trained, with years of experience to provide your student with the best educational foundation for success as they grow and learn toward the future!   

*Why are our students so successful?

90% of our students rank in the top 10% of their class after our program!  We pride ourselves in creating a real school experience with individualized curriculum for each of our students.  As a school community, we are deeply committed to providing our students with the best education possible that includes challenging every student to reach his or her full potential.  We work one on one with Kindergarten teachers in the area as new curriculum and changes in education are rolled out.  This ensures our students entering Kindergarten ahead of the game with a higher self confidence.

*Will my student be reading when they finish your 4/5 year old program?

At Smarty Pants we do not believe in pushing students harder/faster than they are ready.  We teach a step by step process in developing skills for life long learning which is why our students test in the top 10% of their classes after they leave our program.  Reading is skill that requires delicate learning foundations.  If you push a student to read too soon it will cause them to miss crucial reading skills and also creates a great deal of frustration.  

As teachers we want each student to develop skills at their own pace, create the foundation of learning, and develop a passion for discovery on their own.   When you develop these primary skills with a firm foundation the true success comes automatically.  

If your student is ready to read, we have an amazing program developed just for them.  If they aren't ready, we will keep developing those skills!!    

*Can I tour the classroom?

Yes!  Of course! We would love to meet you!  Contact us to set up a time. 

* Does my student need to be potty trained?

2 1/2-3yr Discovery classes- Do not need to be potty trained
3/4yr- Potty trained or close.  
Pull-up's are ok but parent will need to need to stay close if there is an accident.  
4/5yr- Must be potty trained

*Do you take field trips? 

 We take 4-6 field trips a year.   
Pumpkin Patch- all classes
Ifly/Irock- 4/5 year class
Lee's- 3/4 year class
Tree House Museum- all classes
Fire Station- all classes

*Do I send my student with a lunch or snack?

We have a hearty snack each day.  Every student will have a chance to be a snack helper.  You will see a paper in their backpack with instructions. 
If your student has a food allergy, we ask you prepare your own snacks at home and bring them to class.